French Beret: A Icon of France

The reason why a beret becomes a kind of hat in the time.  Beret could mean many things, but it becomes a symbol of the time, now. When the fashion month comes to end, berets sweep everywhere in short time like on runways, streets and celebs. Many super stars like Elsa Hosk, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid wear ensembles with classic hats. Earlier this month,  Solange topped a French beret, matching with a pair of earrings. One also could find berets on runway of Dior in 2017. Models worn cool leather berets at that time. They are available and coveted by many fashionistas. I also believe we will see more berets in the future. But what’s the reason for its popularity?

Because berets contain more meaning and own a long history. In fact, berets play a more important role in politician rather than meet the eye. Besides, berets also connect to rebels in some occasions. When confronting controversial ideas about how to wear berets, there are also different ideas, such as pulling back to a side, clipping to one’s hair at an angle, topping on one’s head slightly, etc. When it refers to beret hat, many names of super stars may occur to you all at once.

Different Countries, Different Culture

Berets have different styles, because they rooted in various countries across the world. For instance, a French beret is different that of Scotland or Spain. It’s typical that berets were made of affordable felt from the beginning. When it comes to aesthetic involving berets, it could date back to the 1500s. At that time, berets are choices of poor people, because of cheap manufacturing.

In the mid 1800s, Basque soldiers worn striking and distinctive red berets in the Second Carlist War. During the World War II, the French people boycott soldiers worn the beret. In 1960, soldiers of arm, dictators, politicians worn extremely similar berets. But now, the main mission of berets is fashion, displaying individualism, lovely temperament, vintage and even rebellion.

As an English man, hats become must haves for average people. Different hats apply to different identities, seasons, weathers, etc. Hats are a product of weathers, culture, politicians and national characters.

After knowing about some traditions about Indian accessories, it’s time to know about those in Indian. For the influence from diverse countries, India absorbed essence from different cultures, forming unique cultural legacy over the world. In the aspect of fashion accessories, Indians have always absolute advantages in front of others. They also do not need to cater to the latest trend. All things they need to do are adapt accessories to go with their costumes.

Let’s look at some accessories of Indians

Bindis, a red dot on the forehead, is an epitome of Indian tradition. Jhumkas are earrings adding charm to Indian women. In addition to pair with traditional costumes, they could also match with a variety of outfits, like skirts, kurtas and palazzos, draw-string pants and tunic, tee and jeans! They absolutely go with anything! Thank you for visit the website. You can also send E-mail to us and propose suggestions.

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