Time to Hang Up the Beret

Almost all buyers will plunk money for the artist rather than just a painting. My good friend is an artist, he usually pains in his studio. After creating works of art, they will be hung in galleries to sell. Art dealers will pay more attention to the name, reputation, history, story and vision of artists. Therefore, fine artists need to know more about the work and painter at the same time. Presenting images in their minds to paper is the big part of  marketing. It should note that commercial art is not fine.

The principle is applicable to almost all industries. There is no exception to hat’s design. I’ve learnt many skills in a master class, where everything I need to know has been explained and taught. In the previous lesson, lectures have imparted experience in stitch-counts and rib. Besides, I also learned something about how to choose colors for my works of art. At present, I will explain all you need in the process. When one knits in the round without increasing stitches or reducing stitches regularly, the final product will be in the shape of tubes. One could increase stitches gradually to enlarge diameter of the hat; then reduce stitches gradually to form the flat part of the hat.

All these steps need carefulness and patience. A hat could not be completed by a careless person. Drawing out a pattern chart could be a little difficult, but it could be a lot of fun. Computer would be useful to everyone to draw patterns on Excel spreadsheets. Set up your spreadsheet so that the shape of the cells are square. Knitter’s graph paper is normally made up of ‘wide’ rectangles (because stitches are wider than they are tall). However, knitting is normally fairly square in tension, so squares, or rectangles that are only very slightly wider than they are deep, will actually give you a more accurate impression of the final look or your hat.

A spreadsheet could show you patterns and final effects. After seeing the chart, you will get the place to repeat, copy and past. Please do not copy and overlap with other sections, otherwise there will be mistakes and troubles when you knit. Since decided my pattern repeat, I have calculated to see the number of my stitches to complete the hat.

Nevertheless, I have to make regular-increased stitches to the head circumference, to shape the hat as expected. One should work in whole repeat, then the hat will look symmetrical. One should increase or reduce slightly to fit with patterns in case one would like to round the hat. One would find it is still confused after reading the guidance, because it may not suitable to you. Then join us and try to learn more detailed information, then you will knit a satisfying UK BERETHAT, beanies and the like.

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